The Gut

The Gut is central to your health in menopause, leading up to menopause and all your life. Let's look at our diet and lifestyle choices.

The gut is so important in menopause. An example of a healthy, balanced bowl of food

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Welcome to Glow in Menopause! It’s my first blog so I’m going to keep it super simple and talk about one of my favourite subjects: The Gut! 

Did you know that the Gut is central to your health in menopause, leading up to menopause and all your life for that matter?  I believe that the menopause we have can really be helped or hindered by our diet and lifestyle choices.

What did she say?!

But first, let’s talk poo! I’m getting this out of the way as I’m going to be talking about it a lot and if you’re one of my clients you’ll already know that it’s one of my favourite subjects and rightly so.  One sign of a really healthy gut is how many times you go the the loo per day.  The optimal amount is once a day at a minimum and, if you’re really flying in terms of your health, up to 3 times a day is worthy of a Gold Star!

Why is this so important? The impact that not pooing regularly will have on your hormones is huge. If hormones such as oestrogen are not safely excreted from your body, they will just keep on recirculating and this will cause all manner of problems. Your microbiome actually has a specific department dedicated to dealing with your oestrogen levels and keeping them in check – more on that in another blog.

It's all related

Back to the gut and some of the symptoms you may experience in menopause that are all gut related: Constipation, bloating, gas, loose stools, rashes and itchy skin, fatigue, heartburn, food intolerances and bad breath.

There’s so much you can do that’s in your control to mitigate these symptoms and thrive and glow through your menopause and that is why I started this journey to help women like me.

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